How Can Microsoft Azure Be Integrated With CRM

How Can Microsoft Azure Be Integrated With CRM

Microsoft is one of the leading brands in establishing heightened security, privacy requirements and meeting these requirements. Microsoft Azure fulfills a wide set of industry-specific and international compliance standards, along with country-specific standards. Rigorous 3rd party audits verify adherence of Azure to the stringent security controls that these standards dictate.

How does your business benefit by Azure functionality?

Strengthen security posture with Azure

Organizations face challenges that enhance your chances of significant financial loss, customer satisfaction and damage of market reputation. Azure safeguards business assets, lowering complexity and security costs at the same time.

Its inbuilt intelligence mechanism and security control feature assists in identifying and responding to security gaps and threats. This enables organization to quickly enhance security posture.

With Azure standard software, it becomes quite easy to see real-time active use data and cross-cloud analytics. It helps in enabling supervising and identifying service metrics that assist in avoiding billing surprises.

Get a control over your data

Azure software comes with robust data protection and privacy that lets an organization to have full control over the accumulation, use and distribution of the information. They offer meaningful privacy choices and manage the data that is stored and processed effectively.

Features of CRM solutions online:

  • Online integration with Azure software
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Automatic provisioning of account
  • Easy Configuration

How does integration of Microsoft Azure and CRM help a business?

Microsoft CRM is a feature rich “SaaS platform” and Azure, on the other hand is a diversified cloud platform with several inbuilt powers as “IaaS” and “PaaS”. Integration of CRM and Azure can help the enterprise to utilize IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. Following are the ways by which these two technologies are integrated.

  • Integration scope
  • Delegating complicated tasks to outside of the CRM environment
  • Secure and safe message communication
  • Multiple and single pipe message posting techniques
  • Listeners can easily be hosted in “on premise” or “in cloud”

What are the elements involved in this integration?

Following are the elements that are involved in the integration of Microsoft Azure and CRM.

  • Azure Service bus
  • Service bus that makes the medium of transportation of message between CRM plug-ins and listeners
  • An application or service to listen to different messages that are posted on the “Service bus” via Plug-ins
  • Listener
  • Service endpoint
  • Plug-in
  • An action wherein the plug-in gets initiated
  • Triggers
  • Process flow


Microsoft CRM and Azure are two powerful technologies that can bring a lot of benefits to a business. Its integration improvises the way business operations are carried out. Taking help of a trusted company would help you reap the benefits of both the technologies effectively.